Bike Loan EMI Calculator - Calculate Bike Loan EMI in India

Calculate your Bike Loan Monthly Installment easily with the online Bike Loan EMI Calculator in India


EMI Rs. 1658
Total Interest Rs. 10658
Total Payment(Principal + Interest) Rs. 10658
Principal Amount 40%
Interest Amount 60%

Bike Loan EMI Calculator

You need to manage your finances smartly while buying a bike on a loan. A bike loan EMI calculator will help you to make a good financial decision.


What is a bike loan's EMI?

Bike loan An EMI is the monthly amount you pay to the lending institution to pay off the total loan amount for the purchase of a bike.


What is a bike loan EMI calculator?

Bike loan The EMI calculator is an easy-to-use online tool for estimating the EMI that a borrower has to pay for loan closure. You only have to input the loan amount, tenure, and the interest rate being charged by the lending institution for evaluating EMIs.


How does the bike loan EMI calculator work?

Bike loan The EMI calculator works on the basis of three variables, namely loan amount, tenure, and applicable interest rate. The same formula does everything. You use it to calculate all the EMI on a loan for a specific purpose.
To calculate
[P x R x (1+R)N] = E/[(1+R)N-1]
Where p is the principal amount, R is the interest rate, and N refers to the tenure period,


Why should you use a bike loan EMI calculator?

A bike loan EMI calculator provides you with a broad idea of the EMI on your borrowed loan amount. Apart from that, there are many other reasons for choosing the bike EMI loan calculator:

  • Find out your repayment capacity and best tenure for taking the loan.
  • You will get to know the details of amortization with the calculator. Find out the amount to be spent on your principal amount and interest rate.
  • It will help you compare the interest rates charged by different lenders. As a result, you can pick the best and most suitable lender for your bike purchase.


Benefits of Using the Bike Loan EMI Calculator

Get the exact value

You get the exact value of the EMI that you have to pay every month to the lender. This value will be free of error. If the same were calculated manually by an individual, the chances of error would grow.

Set a Monthly Budget

In order to repay the loan, you have to set a monthly budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. Knowing the EMI value beforehand with a bike loan EMI calculator can help you with proper budget and financial planning.

Compare Offers

Before making a final decision, it's always better to compare the offers. You can use the help of a bike loan EMI calculator to compare offers between various lenders and pick the right one. This way, you can even negotiate the processing fee, applicable interest rate, and more.


What factors affect the bike loan's EMI interest?

Credit Score

Your creditworthiness is judged by the lending institution only after seeing your credit score. People with a high credit score can enjoy a lower interest rate.

Loan Amount

The loan amount is one of the major factors in the reduction or increase of the interest rate. Asking for a higher loan amount will result in a high-interest rate.


Going for a longer time increases the probability of the default going higher. This in turn results in an increased interest rate. Better to choose a shorter loan tenure to get a low interest rate. 


How to reduce your bike loan EMI?

When it comes to reducing bike loan EMI, you can do the following:

  • Selecting a longer tenure will lower your EMI because the loan repayment value is distributed widely.
  • Always opt for a bank that provides you with a lower interest rate. Go through the details of multiple ones instead of getting attracted by a single loan offer.
  • Having a budget enough to pay a high down payment can bring down the principal loan amount, which will lead to a low-interest rate.



1. Is there any need for documents to use the loan EMI calculator?

No, it's a free online tool that displays the required results within seconds. Documents are only required when you are going to apply for a loan, either online or offline.


2. How to use the bike loan EMI calculator without knowing the processing fee?

You don't have to be concerned if the processing fees of the bank are unknown to you. Many banks only disclose it when you read their documentation or consult with their loan officer


3. What is the amortization schedule?

It's simply a table that shows the entire schedule to pay off the owed loan to the lender.


4. Should I enter my down payment account in the bike loan EMI calculator?

Never make this mistake while calculating the EMI. It can cause a lot of trouble for you if you visit the bank and discuss it.


5. What loan tenure is best to choose for a bike loan?

Generally, lending institutions offer tenure of between 12 and 36 months. Choose the right one by using the bike loan EMI calculator and make sure you keep it short so that you can get a low-interest rate.


6. How do you know if you are eligible for a bike loan or not?

Every bank has set some eligibility criteria for providing bike loans. You can find out yours by contacting the lender.


7. What is the minimum CIBIL score required to get a bike loan?

There is no fixed CIBIL score to apply for a bike loan. Still, it’s advised to have a CIBIL score of at least 750.


8. What if you wish to pay more than Bike EMI?

Paying larger than EMI before the tenure ends is called part prepayment. This will lower down the principal outstanding and future EMI


9. What are the maximum years allotted for a bike loan?

Mostly, lenders provide bike loans for a tenure between 1-3 years. But you can decide as per your preference. 


10. What is the minimum down payment for the bike loan?

The minimum down payment for the bike loan includes RTO and the insurance charges. Down payment is the amount funded by the lender plus the on road bike price.